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Integrity matters because without it, anything goes, and there are no guardrails. Integrity is critical for our city council to function in a way that leaves no doubt to citizens where our values and moral compass lie. I promise to earn your trust and work hard for you – the citizens, every day.

Leadership skills matter. In order to position our city to be great, leaders must be present and willing to work collaboratively with other council members. My professional work experience and community service have proven valuable to my development and growth as a leader you can trust! We must recruit and retain public safety personnel to maintain safety and order in the city and prevention and recreational programs for our youth. We must prioritize recruiting economic development to help reduce taxes for our citizens. We must invest in education because great schools make great cities. The time is now for good, strong, and competent leadership.

Efficiency allows us to right-size our government, assess our weaknesses and strengths, and determine the most efficient and effective processes for our city to function at a level of excellence our citizens must demand and expect. We work for you. I want to hear from our citizens. I value your input and will continue to listen to you on what is working and what is not working. Together, we can make the changes needed to improve our city, attract businesses, streamline taxes, and pay our employees competitive salaries.


Take Part in Something Great

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Putting My Passion & Experience
to Work

Many citizens have asked me to run for Portsmouth City Council.  I have accepted the

challenge to offer a new perspective and direction for Portsmouth Citizens.  Having served on the Portsmouth School Board and in various leadership roles in a competent and caring manner,  I have the ability  and skills needed to get the job done.  I am a team player committed to hard work.  I have an expectation of accountability from others as well as holding myself accountable to the people.  We are living in times of tremendous opportunities to turn our city around to become that shining city on the hill we are proud to call Portsmouth home. Will you help me get us there?

We can be that city that all of us can be proud of.  I need your help, your prayers, and your support.  Please Vote on November 8, 2022, for Vernon Lamont Tillage for City Council.

Vernon Lamont Tillage Jr.



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